AB Fruits is a family owned and run business that has been established in Bedfordborough county for over 30 years. We pride ourselves on sourcing the finest and freshest produce coupled with an unrivaled level of service and commitment to our customers.

We make purchases from our suppliers on a daily basis and offer a diverse range of local, domestic and continental produce which is always fresh and in optimal condition. Working with local farmers and sourcing from continental markets such as London, France and Italy means that we can offer a year round supply of fresh and seasonal produce.

Whilst fruit and vegetables are at the heart of AB Fruits, our passion for food has led us to diversify and seek out an even greater range of produce. We now stock everything from your essentials like milk, eggs and bread to dry and frozen foods and even the occasional rare stock item. Thanks to our families roots, we have a wealth of knowledge in continental produce and are pleased to stock a wide range of goods direct from Italy, which include all your favourites plus more specialist lines and the best in regional produce.

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