Old picture of van and Antonio from AB FruitsEstablished in 1982 AB Fruits had humble beginnings; owner and Managing Director Antonio Bosco started the business trading from the back of an old laundry Van, going down to Market and returning home to sell the produce to local restaurants, shops and individuals. The business soon took off and Antonio found a new home for AB Fruits at our old warehouse site on Roff Avenue in Bedford. A larger warehouse allowed Antonio to keep a greater stock of produce and a better supply for his customers. Back then having a fruit and vegetable supplier offering a delivery to your door was still quite a novel idea. But that idea has grown, the laundry van has been replaced by a fleet of fully refrigerated vehicles, the once large and resourceful warehouse has now become too small for AB Fruits ever growing shell and in 2009 AB Fruits relocated to its current home at Manton Heights, Bedford which is only a far cry from where it all began.

A true family business, Antonio has been helped along the way by his extensive family and is now proudly joined by his three sons Giovanni, Roberto and Sabino. The boys have grown up in the business and share the same level of passion and enthusiasm for the trade as their father Antonio. Each one of the boys has brought something new to the Business, Giovanni is a trained chef and has a keen eye for sourcing great quality ingredients and leading the sales strategy. Roberto is the night owl and ventures down to Covent Garden every night and is the man responsible for sourcing our wonderfully fresh produce. Sabino is on hand at headquarters to make sure everything ticks along smoothly. Collectively they have helped to ensure AB Fruits remains competitive and committed to the same principles the company were built upon, quality and service.Old AB Fruits Van

hisAB Fruits prides itself on independence and family values and has gone from strength to strength organically. As the years have passed the business has progressed by continually adding new products and offering more variety to our customers. In 2011 the company gained a BRC accreditation, which was a massive achievement and proof of our constant and continued commitment to ensure nothing but the best standards for ourselves and our customers

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